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Our Customer Support team made contact with the Victorian woman early Monday morning, after winning the Saturday Set for Pick 4 prize. She admits that she had seen a notification on her phone the day before but dismissed it as a mistake or trick.

The winner even called her daughter, asking how many zeros that would be, both confirmed it was, “too many zeros, it has to be a scam!” She knew she had an official ticket, purchased through the Victoria Lotteries app. However, decided to wait and see if anyone contacted her. Fortunately, we did!

The team was overjoyed to confirm the win, letting her know she had indeed won $20,000 each month for 20 years! That’s $4,800,000! Naturally, our winner was ecstatic, stating that she, “Couldn’t believe it! This is life-changing! I’ve always been thinking about if I won the lottery the things I would do. Now that it’s happened it feels unreal!”